The activities are co-ordinated by the staff as we believe that it is everybody’s duty to interact with the residents, relatives and friends. We tailor activities to suit both group and individual profiles. Residents are encouraged to continue with hobbies, as well as gain new interests. This is an important part of sustaining and promoting self-esteem, identity and a sense of individuality.

There are extensive activities available on a day-to-day basis, although we have to emphasise that this cannot be guaranteed every day of the week. The main activities includes Bingo, musical afternoons with visiting musicians and singers, quizzes and crafts. Listed below are activities undertaken on a monthly basis. Information regarding the activities for the week is displayed on the black board in the main foyer.

At Bryn Edwin we have a strong volunteer group consisting mainly of next-of-kin (past and present) and volunteers of the community. Please contact the manager or administrator if you want to join the Bryn Edwin Volunteer Group.

Our activities coordinator, Keith, is at the home five days a week and on some weekends. Besides organising group activities he also caters for those residents who require one-on-one time.
The care staff at Bryn Edwin is very involved in the activities and also help organise other entertainment, draw memory boards or engage the residents in the running and cleaning of the home. Do not be surprised to see our residents walking around with a duster, as it gives purpose and a sense of belonging and ownership to the individual.

Coffee afternoons

Every Wednesday afternoon we offer coffee and cake for relatives, friends and residents.
It gives an opportunity for relatives and friends to meet and relate someone living with Dementia. It is very well attended at the moment by the next of kin, and is run independently of the home.

Small donations received during the coffee afternoons were invested in a proper coffee machine with pods. The funds raised are spent on the discretion of the next-of-kin group.


Pub evening

Once a month in the Hamlet dining room, Keith hosts a pub meeting for all our residents. Non-alcoholic wine and beer plus other drinks are served in a friendly pub atmosphere, with music, games and chats.


The gardens are used extensively, especially in the summer for functions or for our residents enjoyment, weather permitting. The garden areas that the residents use are secured with care staff on hand.

The staff may also take residents on short walks in the woodland or lawns.

If weather permits we have garden parties, picnics and fetes in the front garden, attended by residents, relatives and staff.



Sweet shop

Our weekly sweet shop in the top dining room offers old-fashioned sweets dispensed in old-fashioned bags. Residents can access magazines and other items as well.

Residents have the opportunity of visiting the sweet shop, without a charge. Funds are raised from relatives and staff. None of the funds raised or donated are deposited in the home’s main account. Details of the residents’ fund can be found in the ‘other services section’.

Recreation, movie afternoons and Wi-Fi

Each room has a TV connection and residents can watch their favourite shows in the privacy of their rooms. We also have TV’s in the main areas and hold film afternoons regularly. We use Amazon’s Fire stick extensively especially for movies from a bygone era.

We often provide popcorn, ice lollies and sweets to those attending the movie afternoons to create a feeling of ‘going to the movies.

Bryn Edwin Hall also provides internet for the residents to utilise and can be used by the families when they visit. Residents can enjoy Skype or Facetime if they own their own devices, such as iPad or Kindle. The home uses internet quizzes often and have access to music via the internet.

Music plays all the time in different areas of the home. Bryn Edwin staff firmly believe in the power of music to calm, reassure and bring happy memories to residents.


The hairdresser visits once a week and will cut, blow-dry, perm, and set hair. She attends to male and female.

This service is paid for by resident’s personal account. We highly recommend this service for the well-being of our residents.

Trips and visits

The home facilitates outings regularly. Details of the outings will be supplied by the manager, administrator or activities coordinator. We will attempt to accommodate as many residents as possible, but rely on family and volunteers to assist. Since outings form a highlight for all residents, staff and family, we encourage all to set aside these programmed days to be able to participate.

On a smaller scale the activity coordinator organises visits to coffee shops in the villages nearby, pub lunches or just a trip to the local garden centre. Care-staff can and do take residents out to do some personal shopping and this trip can be arranged with the manager.

Reading and newspapers

The residents have access to a collection of books. We also supply daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines at cover price on request.

Spiritual, religious and cultural support

Residents are encouraged to follow their own religious practises and have the right to refuse participation in other activities. Denominational visits are arranged on request. There is a regular pastor from the local Catholic Church.

Every Sunday we conduct Songs of Praise in the lounges for those in need of devotional quietness. It also demarcates the day of the week.